We are Mr. & Mrs. Wilcox, the British Expats, who back in 2005 created Lord Willy’s,
a New York City men’s clothing store with a very simple philosophy.
Classic English tailoring, with a playful twist.
Almost immediately the store was named "Best store for Dandies"by New York Magazine.
GQ magazine announced “New York’s newest outpost for British style” and included us
in their GQ100 (best 100 men’s stores in America) along with Esquire magazine
who also picked up the scent and named us No. 5 on their list of America’s
best stores in their “Big Black Book”.
Over a decade later, Lord Willy's is now “quietly” recognized the world over.
And not just by the press, but more importantly by discerning gentlemen that appreciate
beautifully made, contemporary clothing and refreshingly personable service. “Cheers!"